1936 Citroen
Traction Avant 11A

The complete front end of the model is scratch built using 3D printed parts.
For a complete version of the Traction Avant build story click here.

Below is a comparison of an original Citroen drawing with the partially assembled model of the engine and gearbox.
 Engine & Gearbox
Engine & Gearbox
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3D printing is ideal for complex engine block
The fan belt, ignition wires, fuel line, and the crankcase oil breather downspout have still to be added.
Finished Model
The rocker cover can be removed to reveal a fully detailed cylinder head ...
The double timing gear chain is another hidden detail ...
Body Details
The"Camembert" air cleaner and, behind it, the Solex 30HTD carburetor are historically correct for this model.
In the background is the Mobiloil oil can with its distinctive 1930s label.
Lots of detail. Most of it is explained in the Build Story.
These are two 'under construction' photos. The one on the left shows the mounting of the engine and gearbox.

Just above and to the left of the fuel pump is the oil dipstick. To the right is the engine support spring (underneath the cantilevered arm).

The one below shows the engine bay.
In the engine bay you can see the hydraulic lines for the brakes, the large boss for the left hand side engine support spring, and the mounting of the cross member for the torsion bars. Above them is the hydraulic fluid line from the reservoir to the brake master cylinder which is mounted behind the wall of the engine bay.