Getting accurate information and getting appropriate supplies are just two of the challenges in building fine, large scale models. These links may help ...
Prototype Information
US RR Owners Club … service drawings, handbooks, Flying Lady magazine (incl. technical articles)        
UK RR Enthusiasts Club … original build documents by chassis number        
Australian owners club … useful technical articles
A few prototype photos.

Coach Building        
A terrific site focused on coach building. It includes details on all the 1930s coach builders.

U.S. Museums        
An outstanding museum containing numerous classic cars an hour east of San Francisco.
Includes a 1932 RR Phantom II bodied by Figoni & Falaschi, other Phantom IIs and a Bugatti 50T.        
In LA. Exhibits over 100 vehicles. However, the website offers no help as to the vehicles on display.
National Auto Museum, Reno, NV. Includes a 1936 M-B 500K        
Located between Harrisburg and Wilkes-Barre, PA on I-81. An excellent collection of 1930s cars.

Pocher Information        
A very comprehensive site. Lots of information, including Pocher manuals.        
A complete list of Pocher kits (very useful), an overview of Pocher and the kits, Pocher builders gallery.
Also details and photographs for the Ferrari F40 Autograph Transkit.

Construction Guides
Scale Motorcars is a great site for large scale modelers. It includes articles, build stories and extensive forums covering kits and scratch building.        
David Cox (with Marvin Meit) produced detailed guides for assembling and improving the Pocher kits        
This website, run by Marvin Meit and Jorge Ehrenwald, sells construction guides as well as parts.        
Useful construction advice.        
Paul Koo sells CDs of 'Supplemental Instructions' for several of the Pocher models on eBay. The CDs are full of detailed photos showing step-by-step assembly of the Pocher kit. Really useful. Search eBay for 'Pocher Instructions'.
A detailed description of a build of the Pocher RR Sedanca kit. This is an archived copy of the original site. The links to Pocher builds by David Holmes and Eric Severn no longer work.

Parts, Accessories & Transkits        
Provides the widest range of parts for Pocher Classic models; Alfa-Romeo, RR, M-B, Fiat, Bugatti. Beautiful stuff.
Carries all the miniature hardware previously offered by Scale Hardware        
Transkits for the F40, Testarossa and other models. The 1400 piece, F40 transkit is truly outstanding (but expensive).        
A range of parts and transkits for many Pocher models.
Hong Kong based maker of excellent miniature plastic gears
Offers a small selection of miniature plastic gear racks        
My favorite site for ordering paint.
A train-oriented site, but they have a very good selection of rivets

An excellent offering of special brass shapes, including thin wall (0.006") brass tube.        
Specialists in 1/24 & 1/25 models. However, their braided lines and tube fittings are ideal for the F40 and Testarossa.        
Focused on airplanes, but the miniature piano hinges are the best I've been able to find.        
A great source for resin casting materials, technical data and casting advice.        
A UK site offering miniature hardware        
Another UK site. Although primarily focused on ship models, the site offers miniature hardware and other fittings

Small tool specialists. They complement PSME.        
Makes an array of terrific photo-etch folding tools.

Model Builders        
Terrific and creative work from David Cox.        
Not only a parts store, but Marvin Meit and Jorge Ehrenwald also produce some truly beautifully finished models.
Marvin' site has a very comprehensive gallery of model builders' photos that covers all the classic Pocher models        
Brady Ward is one of the premier large scale model builders.        
This gallery managed by Brian Yingling includes some of his own superb work.
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Rick Shousha has been supplying kits and modeling for a long time. Although he's now focusing on ship models, his site hs some excellent pictures of Pocher models.