Building fine scale models, especially historically accurate ones, is always a challenge especially when records are lost or not easily available. Please let me know if you see inaccuracies or wish to add information. I'll also be more than happy to answer questions about the models or the Super-detailing Notes.
I can be reached at

Along the way I've been helped by prototype owners and experts, model-making enthusiasts and some of the finest practitioners of fine scale modeling. My many thanks to all those who have provided guidance, suggestions and ideas ...
Marvin Meit
David Cox
Brian Yingling
Bill Casey
Ron O'Connor
Gary Arnette
This is not an exhaustive list but, nevertheless, I apologize to anyone I've overlooked.

And, lastly, a big thank you to my ever patient wife, Diane. Without her support, this wouldn't be here!

Enjoy your passion.

John Haddock
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