1933 RR Phantom II Chassis
For whatever reason, I've always liked chassis models. And the Pocher Rolls-Royce Phantom II Sedanca kit is a great platform for a detailed chassis model.

My goal was to add a significant amount of missing detail, so this model adds, for instance, engine controls, fuel lines, chassis lubrication system, oil lines, a correctly sized carburetor, exhaust insulation and heat shield and a heavily modified dashboard and associated connections.
Click here for super detailing build notes.

Click here for pictures showing all the modifications and additions made to the Pocher kit.
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There's only one problem; the engine is incorrect for a 1933 Phantom II.
By late 1933, the supposed date of the model, the carburetor had been changed to the semi-expanding type with a large horizontal air cleaner. And torque reaction dampers were fitted to the front of the engine. Most everything else is correct, including the electric petrol gauge.

The good news is that a correct, replacement engine is ready. All that remains is to find time to tear into the model. Shudder!!
Stay tuned!!