1935 Austin Seven Ruby Mk1  -  CAD Drawings
Rationale & Approach
My goal was to build an historically accurate 'replica'. But, as is typical with vintage vehicles, only a few drawings are available. Fortunately, a variety of other sources exist which, with the drawings, made it possible to reconstruct the key dimensions and begin to produce a set of CAD drawings.
But why CAD drawings? For a start, it is the surest way of getting dimensional consistency. The more important reason is the emergence of 3D printers. Although they promise to simplify the creation of many of the parts, they need CAD-created files as input. So, I took a deep breath, bought the software, and jumped in.

A full suite of drawings for the rolling chassis (including engine and gearbox) and body were done. Some details were left off, but nothing that got in the way of construction. You can
click on each of the renderings for a full size version.
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- Technical Drawings
  The Austin Seven Clubs Association

- The Austin Seven Source Book
   Bryan Purves

- Austin Seven Companion
The 750 Motor Club Ltd.

- The Austin Seven Manual
   Doug Woodrow

- Original Austin Seven
  Rinsey Mills

- Austin Seven Ruby Handbook and
  Spare Parts List
  The Austin Seven Clubs Association

- Numerous photos and images from
  the Internet.
For pictures of some of the 3D printed parts (made by a 3D printing service) click here and click here for my thoughts on the impact of 3D printing on modeling ; 'Crafting Needs Drafting'.