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1935 Austin Seven Ruby Mk1  -  Chassis Construction
Here initial construction is done, ensuring everything fits.
Click here for more thoughts on the impact of 3D printing on modeling ; 'Crafting Needs Drafting'.

Wheels & Tires
The wheels are constructed from 3D printed rims and hubs and 8 Ga piano wire spokes. Thin wall brass tubes simulate the spoke tighteners.
A 3D printed tire was used to make silicone molds from which the urethane rubber tires were cast. The urethane rubber is Smooth-On's Reoflex 50, tinted dark gray.
The photo on the right shows the Austin Seven wheel and tire. It is next to the much larger Pocher RR Phantom II wheel.

As you can see, some clean up of the feed points on Austin Seven tire is still required.