Engine Photos
1933 RR Phantom II Gurney Nutting Faux Cabriolet
The engine has a semi-expanding type carburetor which uses a large air cleaner. Building an engine of that type is described in my Semi-Expanding Carburetor Build Note. Click here to download a PDF copy (20Mb).

Brake servo mechanism
Torque reaction damper
Distributor, coil and ignition wiring ...

Rear view of the new carburetor. The rod sticking out from behind the air cleaner is part of the control linkage for the starting carburetor.
None of the complicated carburetor controls were included in the Pocher kits.  These are based on Rolls-Royce drawings ...
Exhaust manifold, downpipe and magneto drive ...
I did have a completed spare engine fitted with a semi-expanding carburetor so, in the end, I decided to use it rather than follow my original plan of building a new engine. Below are detailed pictures. Unlike Pocher kits, there is no accelerator pedal mounted off the gearbox. Rolls-Royce actually mounted the accelerator pedal on the chassis rail.
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for a comprehensive story of the build.