Engine Photos
1933 RR Phantom II Gurney Nutting Faux Cabriolet - Under Construction
The engine has a semi-expanding type carburetor which uses a large air cleaner. Building an engine of that type is described in my Semi-Expanding Carburetor Build Note. Click here to download a PDF copy (20Mb).

Although I do have a completed spare engine fitted with a semi-expanding carburetor, my plan is to build a new engine for this model.
Pieces of the new engine can be seen in the photos below. It will eventually look a lot like the engine model on the right. One big difference is that for the new engine the accelerator will be mounted on the chassis rail, not off the gearbox as shown on the right.
The Spare Engine
Brake Servo Mechanism
Torque Reaction Damper
Note the holes, gaps and sinks that have been filled.

A new carburetor, air cleaner and manifold, and a more realistic water pump.
New rockers with one inlet and one exhaust valve open.
Below: ignition wire tubes, control tower and markups for the cylinder oil supply.