The super detailing build notes are guides for adding or modifying components, but page space is limited and full screen 'pop-ups' aren't possible. So, included here are additional photographs of some of the components. You may find them helpful. Click on the thumbnails below to 'pop-up' a full size window. The Torque Reaction Dampers and associated Diamond Engine Mount, mounted on all Phantom II engines from Jan '32 onwards, are covered by a separate super detailing note that includes photos. Click here for the Torque Reaction Damper page. Click here to download the note.
Hartford Auxiliary Shock Absorbers
The front axle and leaf springs are from Model Motor Cars.
Front Axle
Rear Axle
20 Gallon Fuel Tank
Brake Servo
Early, Vertical Type, Front Shock Absorbers
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RR Phantom II Components