RR Phantom II Torque Reaction Dampers
A super detailing note is now available if you wish to add the Torque Reaction Damper and Diamond Engine Mount assembly that was installed on all Phantom II engines from Jan '32 onwards. The purpose of the assembly was to reduce excessive twisting  of the engine under load. However, it was never included in the RR Pocher kits.
Click on the note, below, to download a copy (5 MB).

The assembly is complex and, in order to fit it in, you will have to reduce the thickness of the Pocher radiator, which is oversize. How to reduce the thickness is described in Vol. 2 - Chassis of the original RR Build Notes.
Click here for a copy.

As with the other notes, page space is limited and full screen 'pop-ups' aren't possible, so below and to the right are some additional photographs.
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This 'under construction' photo shows the location of the end flange for the torque reaction damper cross-member. The  flange is squeezed in between the radiator mount (to the right)
and the vertical-type shock absorber (if you fit that).
The post to the immediate left of the flange is a connection point for the chassis lube line.

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Cross-member and damper mounting brackets

End view of the Diamond Engine Mount

This shows how tight the fit is between the engine and radiator